We’re happy to introduce our new FAQ which can be used by the community to answer any questions that may pop up regarding the project. Whether you’re after an answer to your own question, or want to help a community member with any questions they may have, the FAQ will come in handy!

You can access the FAQ via the link below or visit: https://faq.get-protocol.io

The FAQ is split into several sections:

If you’re looking to reference a specific question and answer, then use the anchor icon…

On Wednesday, 14th April we took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the r/cryptocurrency subreddit which gave the wider cryptocurrency community an opportunity to ask any burning questions they had about GET Protocol. It was fantastic seeing so many unique questions and ideas come our way! Of course in the true nature of an AMA, we hinted at some things to come, one of which was an introduction to GET Protocol’s newest white-label integrator - Flockey.

Flockey is a newly formed venture that combines GET Protocol smart ticketing with Forkbeard and EY patented technology. This system gives event…

We’re delighted to announce today that the GET token is now enabled for deposit on Bittrex Global and will be fully tradable tomorrow, 6th April at 4pm UTC. This marks our largest centralised exchange listing to date and enables a wider audience to trade the GET token whilst improving our liquidity.

Trading Pairs

There will be two GET pairs available for trading: BTC/GET & USDT/GET.

Today we’re pleased to release Retos.IO, a simple yet effective tool for developers. Retos has been something we’ve been putting together for a while and we are excited to finally get it into the hands of developers.

Retos is an incredibly simple API but is effective at allowing verification of a crypto address and to check which crypto is behind the address that is in question. It has been created to be lightweight and only requires a small query to function.

You can access the API and examples at: www.retos.io

Welcome one and all, sorry it’s been such a long time coming for an update! We haven’t been keeping you that up to date with our progress unlike in the past and with that in mind, we felt that it was about time to give everyone some more information on our future plans so buckle up!

Revival Of The Old & Inclusion Of The New

Firstly it’s important to address the welcomed changes that have occurred in the past month or so with some new delegates stepping into the fray — Lemii and Espresso have come over from Lisk and brought with them some excellent tools and a…

The flame’s seared the stones as the dragon’s embers lit up the night sky. The green breath from each dragon smoothed and melted the stone until it resembled the vision that the masters had laid out before them. Bound to prophecy, they were creating a talisman that would last thousands of generations and provide a place of worship for the followers of the GET order.

A cautious crowd had gathered around the dragon’s of destiny, enamoured by what they saw in front of them. Far and wide the event could be seen and the roar of each dragon travelled across…

The Serpent’s Kiss

The waves crashed against the boat, water lapped at the feet of a viking who stood alone in the belly of the wooden ship. His destination was fast approaching and he knew that soon the fate of the world could change forever. In the distance a pillar stood tall, isolated and alone in the middle of the ocean, it’s shape had been moulded over time and it’s age was clearly on show.

Tasked with saving the pillar of Ark from the beast known as Jörmungandr, the viking was preparing for a battle that wouldn’t be easy, failure would result in…

Today we’re happy to release our latest update to Arkvatar! This is a sweeping update with wide scale changes to our system and supporting platforms, like our website and document section. We’re really excited to show everything off and we’re confident with this launch that we’ve created a future proofed application that can deliver great features both for users of the system and developers looking to incorporate Arkvatar into their blockchain project.

You can check out Arkvatar here!

TheGoldenHorde Delegate Arkvatar

What’s Arkvatar?

Arkvatar is a service allowing everyone to generate for free their virtual self. Imagine a unique character made from millions of different…

You may be wondering where The Golden Horde has been all this time, we’ve been pretty publicly inactive within the Ark Slack and Reddit recently and we wanted to apologise for our absence, we know there has been a plethora of awesome new updates from the team and the Ark community which is amazing. This article is aimed at giving you all an update on what to expect from us and also what we’ve been up to lately!

Our Absence

Unfortunately over the past few months a few personal issues popped up for myself which lead to me not being present or…

Today we’re pleased to announce an idea that we’ve had for quite some time titled The Ark Herald. This will be a community lead initiative that will be released within the next week and will be something that we focus a lot of our resources on as we believe it will really help grow Ark whilst also giving the current community extra material to engross themselves in.

What Is The Ark Herald?

The Ark Herald aims to be Ark’s first community run news website that covers technical articles, community articles and a weekly run down both for Ark Directory and a general weekly roundup.


Colby Mort

Marketeer at the GET Protocol https://get-protocol.io & https://guts.tickets/

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