As you might begin to see, in this blog we’re doing things a whole lot different.

For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work bringing to fruition our plans for a scalable, global ticketing infrastructure. Today is not only the revealing moment, it’s also the release for what we’ve dubbed the ‘Digital Twin update’.

So what’s on the agenda? Well instead of the usual wrap-up style update of the latest news, we’d like to take you by the hand on a step-by-step walkthrough of everything we’ve been busy working on over the last few months. …

This month we are proudly introducing some long awaited white-labelers, adding a new community voting mechanism and shining a light on exciting things to come.

But first, these messages from around the protocol

The Ticket Explorer is kicking into full gear

After some post-release fine-tuning, the NFT Ticket Explorer is up and running smoothly. In recent days, close followers will have seen some healthy ticket numbers being registered by the explorer. A sizable portion of those tickets are part of the so-called ‘backlog’; the tickets currently outstanding for events that have yet to take place. (This is a rather large number, due to the many COVID-related postponements.)

The successful tweaking of the on-chain registration methods of GET-powered NFT tickets has made it possible to process most, if not all of the backlog in recent days.

We’re proud to announce today that our NFT Ticket Explorer has launched! After a long time in the making with plenty of buzz and excitement about the possibilities, its initial version is finally released for all to see.

What Is GET Protocol’s NFT Ticket Explorer?

The NFT Ticket Explorer gives a look under the hood at all ticketing activity happening through GET Protocol. This importantly provides a transparent view of ticketing operations occurring whilst also showcasing the magnitude of tickets being processed through the protocol.

GET Protocol has issued over 700,000 on-chain smart tickets since 2016, all for real-world events and bought by non-crypto savvy users. …

What is going to happen?

It’s safe to say that GET Protocol is the leading ticketing project in the blockchain and NFT space. With over 700,000 tickets processed through the protocol for real events with non crypto savvy attendees, eyes are now set on the world stage. The scalability and robustness of the protocol matched by years of battle testing, ensures that the protocol is ready for mass integration by ticketing behemoths and new ticketing companies alike.

At the heart of the protocol is its utility token: GET. This token operates as the fuel for all of the ticketing activity that takes place. …

GET Protocol’s NFT ticketing solution is coming to Polygon. This marks the beginning of a collaboration between one of crypto’s most widely adopted projects with one of the leaders in blockchain scalability and innovation.

Bringing blockchain to the masses ain’t always easy

Since 2016, GET Protocol has issued over 700,000 digital tickets (all registered on chain) to unknowing event attendees across several countries.

From stadium concerts and massive raves to small theater and comedy shows, hundreds of thousands of attendees have already experienced the benefits of GET Protocol’s innovative tickets. And we’re only just getting started.

We’re happy to introduce our new FAQ which can be used by the community to answer any questions that may pop up regarding the project. Whether you’re after an answer to your own question, or want to help a community member with any questions they may have, the FAQ will come in handy!

You can access the FAQ via the link below or visit: https://faq.get-protocol.io

The FAQ is split into several sections:

  • Popular Questions
  • General FAQ
  • The GET Token FAQ
  • Implementing The Protocol For Ticketing FAQ
  • The GET Buyback FAQ
  • getNFT FAQ

If you’re looking to reference a specific question and answer, then use the anchor icon…

On Wednesday, 14th April we took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the r/cryptocurrency subreddit which gave the wider cryptocurrency community an opportunity to ask any burning questions they had about GET Protocol. It was fantastic seeing so many unique questions and ideas come our way! Of course in the true nature of an AMA, we hinted at some things to come, one of which was an introduction to GET Protocol’s newest white-label integrator - Flockey.

Flockey is a newly formed venture that combines GET Protocol smart ticketing with Forkbeard and EY patented technology. This system gives event…

We’re delighted to announce today that the GET token is now enabled for deposit on Bittrex Global and will be fully tradable tomorrow, 6th April at 4pm UTC. This marks our largest centralised exchange listing to date and enables a wider audience to trade the GET token whilst improving our liquidity.

Trading Pairs

There will be two GET pairs available for trading: BTC/GET & USDT/GET.

Today we’re pleased to release Retos.IO, a simple yet effective tool for developers. Retos has been something we’ve been putting together for a while and we are excited to finally get it into the hands of developers.

Retos is an incredibly simple API but is effective at allowing verification of a crypto address and to check which crypto is behind the address that is in question. It has been created to be lightweight and only requires a small query to function.

You can access the API and examples at: www.retos.io

Welcome one and all, sorry it’s been such a long time coming for an update! We haven’t been keeping you that up to date with our progress unlike in the past and with that in mind, we felt that it was about time to give everyone some more information on our future plans so buckle up!

Revival Of The Old & Inclusion Of The New

Firstly it’s important to address the welcomed changes that have occurred in the past month or so with some new delegates stepping into the fray — Lemii and Espresso have come over from Lisk and brought with them some excellent tools and a…

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