In the wake of our biggest update to date with the Digital Twin release, our sights are now set firmly on cementing the unique position that GET Protocol finds itself in. With product offerings covering the full spectrum of ticketing and major progress towards on-chain value flow that accompanies our on-chain ticketing, it’s safe to say that the doors are wide open for catching the momentum of the ticketing industry on a global playing field.

You can read our latest update via the GET Protocol Stories hub:

This month we are proudly introducing some long awaited white-labelers, adding a new community voting mechanism and shining a light on exciting things to come.

But first, these messages from around the protocol

The Ticket Explorer is kicking into full gear

After some post-release fine-tuning, the NFT Ticket Explorer is up and running smoothly. In recent days, close followers will have seen some healthy ticket numbers being registered by the explorer. A sizable portion of those tickets are part of the so-called ‘backlog’; the tickets currently outstanding for events that have…

GET Protocol’s NFT ticketing solution is coming to Polygon. This marks the beginning of a collaboration between one of crypto’s most widely adopted projects with one of the leaders in blockchain scalability and innovation.

Bringing blockchain to the masses ain’t always easy

Since 2016, GET Protocol has issued over 700,000 digital tickets (all registered on chain) to unknowing event attendees across several countries.

From stadium concerts and massive raves to small theater and comedy shows, hundreds of thousands of attendees have already experienced the benefits of GET Protocol’s innovative tickets. …

Colby Mort

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