GUTS — £500 Cryptocurrency Giveaway

Disclaimer: I am invested in GUTS — This competition aims to help show others the amazing potential for GUTS and how we the people can change an industry rife with ticket fraud!

As many may know I’m a big fan of GUTS, it’s one of those projects that reminds me of why I first got excited by cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in the first place. I love how anyone can understand and realise the outreaching power that GUTS and their GET protocol is capable of and the massive industry it could (and is) penetrating right now.

It’s pretty easy to see just how flawed the ticketing industry is as more and more people are taking to social media and venting about how large ticketing companies are ripping off die hard music and event fans, every single day. In fact if we take a look at Twitter using the hashtag (TicketTouting) there are some big articles and controversies over ticketing companies and their illicit methods of reselling tickets:

Now I know that cryptocurrencies and blockchain can be daunting for those who are new to the scene and change can be intimidating, especially when this technology always seems to be so up front and in your face. With GUTS though, I was immediately impressed with how they handle the user experience and it is so user friendly there is no need to even know about block chains or crypto to actually use their application. Buying a ticket on their system is stupidly easy and all the tech requirements are handled in the background!

The team behind GUTS have realised that there are a variety of people who buy tickets and not everyone is technologically minded and therefore all you need to buy a ticket is a smartphone, nothing else. If you’re interested in how all this technology works and how they aim to get rid of ticket touting, I encourage you to read my full article on GUTS here.

An example of GUTS dynamic QR system


Time for the giveaway details, this competition is community funded and is not endorsed or tied with the GUTS team, we the community are incredibly passionate for the project and want to get others on board as fans, winner will be picked at random from the eligible participants, the winner will receive £500 worth of GET!

In order to enter you need to follow the following steps:

Step #1 — Share With A Message

Share this article with your friends, circles and followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag (#GUTSvsTouting) so that we can track your sharing!

Step #2 — Wait Till Christmas For A Winner + Follow My Medium

Follow my medium to stay up to date with my articles and informational news, a medium account is easy to set up by using Facebook or other social medias to start an account!

On Christmas day (25th December) we will be announcing the winner via my medium so make sure to follow and stay up to date, I will also contact the person via private message!

GUTS Sandbox

Need Something To Do In The Mean Time?

Optionally you can try out GUTS sandbox and buy a virtual ticket and demo their system (it’s super easy!) and remember to switch your language using the menu bar at the top right then pressing the Switch Language section at the bottom of the menu:

Have a play around with the ticketing system and see what you think, it’s a great way to check out how it all works!


If you like what GUTS are doing and want to learn more as well as potentially benefit from their amazing application and protocol then there is still 1 day left to invest in the ICO (finishes Wednesday 13:00 CET)

I do not give out free investment advice, please do your own research on these topics before investing. GUTS is one of many cryptocurrencies but they are applying technology to real world problems and that is truly amazing.



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