One Simple Rule To Help You Pick The Best Cryptocurrency Application Investments

1) The market is saturated with new projects looking to solve problems, some problems already being solved by others — This results in lots of undeserving projects getting funded.

We’re in a time where having a white paper and a brief website can result in funding that entrepreneurs and businesses wouldn’t dream of receiving. In the crypto world we currently live in, buzz words win out over technology worthiness. The majority of investors are average people looking to get rich, hoping to have success that the likes of Ethereum, Neo and Bitcoin have had in the past. They invest their money with more speculation than solid fact and unfortunately this results in scams being prevalent and investor caution being thrown out the window. For the majority of people, they have no knowledge of market economics, investor ethics or business strategy and while cryptocurrencies have allowed the average person to get in on early investing, it’s also opened a trap fall for all those who don’t know what they’re doing to lose all their money and not in style either.

2) Quality projects go under the radar for far longer than they should as the best investments get hidden behind rubbish that uses ICO money to advertise to the average investor through popular websites — This results in a critical point where the quality project floats by without recognition until a major breakthrough occurs and everyone suddenly discovers it.

If there’s one thing I’ve seen correlate throughout the entire market is that quality projects take their sweet time to develop and master their niche, product and concept. Often these gem investments as I like to call them don’t market until far later in the project life cycle, when they know that their product is worthy of sharing with others. The main problem that ends up happening is that the quick cash grab projects often market straight out of the gate, with little facts and product to stand on and more empty promises than actual development. This of course is great for their funding but when they hit road blocks they crumble and innocent investors lose it all.

An example of a project with no development, only false promises

The Rule — End User’s Should Know Nothing

The end user is the final piece in the puzzle, they’re the ones who will be utilising the application and the ones who truly matter. Any application being developed whether using blockchain or not, is being developed for an end user, a target market. It’s up to the developers then to create an application or ecosystem that perfectly aligns with the end user, it should keep them in mind at all times. The applications that will win out the war in this crypto world will be those who have optimised their end service to be as simple as possible for their target market, the end user should not ever need to know what drives the application. As investors we should keep that in mind as the one rule to follow, find projects where the developers presume the end user of an application know nothing but also don’t want to know anything. All the end user wants to do is use the service for what it is intended for, without hassle, without knowledge and without experience of previously using the application.

Sounds familiar…

Applying this to the blockchain industry

As an investor, it is important then to choose the applications that fit the description I’ve mentioned above, they should be perfect for the end audience, a great example of this is GUTS — which targets the ticketing industry and aims to end ticket touting by using a smart ticketing system that is already in use throughout the Netherlands. It’s a great investment because of how it impacts the target audience, they’ve developed the system so anyone can buy a ticket and they don’t need to know anything about the blockchain to use the application. It’s a perfect demonstration of using a technology but not shoving it in the end user’s face, because, at the end of the day, the user wants to go to a show, not get lectured on blockchain or spend twenty minutes getting accustomed to the application because of the learning curve.



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